How to Make a Hunchback Costume

young woman with pillows image by Daria Miroshnikova from

Whether you want to be the famous Hunchback of Notre Dame or another type of hunchback, it's easy to make a costume at home for very little money.

All you need to do is work on your "hunchback shuffle," get a few accessories such as a walking stick, fake rat and shredded clothing, and you'll play the part of a hunchback well.

Use the scissors to cut jagged edges into the sweatsuit's arms and legs. You can also make cuts in the body of the sweatsuit. The key is to make the sweatsuit look like "tattered rags" rather than a sweatsuit. You can use brown and black paint to add "dirt stains" to the suit as well.

Put the sweatsuit on. Take the pillow and stuff it into the back of the sweatsuit top, making it appear as if you have a hunch. You may need another person to help you position the pillow just right. If the sweatsuit isn't tight enough to hold the pillow in, wear an undershirt that is a bit tighter and place the pillow under that so it is secure.

Paint "dirt stains" on your face using brown and black face paints. You can add a black ring around your eye to make it look like you have a black eye. To add to this dishevelled look, mess up your hair by teasing it.

Use the safety pin to pin the fake rat on the front of your sweatsuit top.

Use your walking stick or candle as your "hunchback" prop.