How to Lengthen Sandal Straps

Ryan McVay/Valueline/Getty Images

Casual footwear such as sandals with hook-and-loop straps are easily adjustable. The wearer can just pull up on the strap, reposition it, and push it back into place. However, people with extremely wide feet or a medical condition may need the sandals to adjust to larger than the straps allow. Fortunately, you can purchase sandal strap extenders to help. You can also make your own out of hook-and-loop strap from the hardware store.

Pull up the strap end of one sandal with adjustable, hook-and-loop closures, such as sports sandals.

Press a hook-and-loop sandal strap extender on the bottom side of the sandal's free strap end. If the bottom side of the strap is the hook side of the closure, affix the loop side of the extender to it, and vice versa. Allow half the length of the strap extender to protract past the strap end.

Repeat the process to extend the strap on the other sandal.

Close the extended strap just as you would a regular strap, pressing it to the sandal to secure. Pull it up and reposition it as many times as is necessary to find a good fit for the sandal.

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