How to Make an Ace Bandage Arm Sling

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Shoulder and arm injuries can occur from a number of daily activities, whether it be from sports or even as simple as heavy lifting and dislocating your shoulder. Immobilising the injured area is important in order to prevent further damage as you seek medical attention. Learning how to make a simple arm sling out of an Ace Bandage is one way to help prevent further complications.

Hold the injured arm or shoulder straight across the front of your body, angled upward slightly.

Place the end of the Ace bandage atop the arm in the centre of your forearm and wrap it twice around the forearm, wrapping it toward your body. Wrap so that the Ace bandage is snug, but not so tight that it hurts or cuts off circulation.

Take the rest of your Ace bandage up and around your neck on the same side as the wrapped forearm, then pull it under the armpit that is on the opposite side of your body and back to the front of your body.

Continue wrapping the bandage around going across the injured arm, over the elbow and back across the upper back and under the armpit opposite the injured side. Wrap until all of the Ace bandage is used and either tuck the Ace bandage under wrapping to secure, or use metal bandage clasps or medical tape to make sure the Ace bandage is held together securely.

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