How to Repair Carpet on Steps

stair way image by Brett Bouwer from

Carpet on steps receives a great deal of wear and tear from heavy foot traffic. Tears in stair carpeting can cause an eyesore to the entire look of the stairway. In addition, carpeting that lifts up from its tackless strips can become a safety hazard. It is essential to make the proper repairs to restore the look and safety of the stairway.

Lift up the carpeting from the stair using a paddle. Slide the paddle in between the carpeting and the stair subflooring.

Trim any frayed edges of the carpeting with a pair of scissors. Place a carpet remnant on top of the old carpeting with the tear. Draw location of the tear on the remnant using a marker.

Cut out the marked area and leave 1/2 inch around the perimeter in order to tuck into the existing carpeting.

Press double-sided seam tape on the hole in the carpeting, so that it adheres to the subflooring. Push the remnant on the double-sided tape. Tuck the edges of the carpeting remnant under the existing carpeting with a paddle.

Thread a needle with wool thread that matches the carpeting. Sew cross-stitch into the existing carpeting and carpet patch. Make a knot and cut off any excess string.

Slide a paddle underneath the carpet and subflooring to release the rest of the tackless strips from the carpeting.

Place a knee kicker next to the baseboard. Using your knee, push down on the knee kicker so that it grasps the carpeting and pulls it to the tackless strip.

Press on the top of the carpet that is on the tackless strips to ensure that it adheres to the carpeting.

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