How to get a big crease out of a leather sofa

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Over time, as you sit and apply weight to a leather sofa, the fabric stretches creating creases. These creases, or wrinkles, become deeper and detract from the look of the leather. Removing the creases requires heat to soften the leather so the wrinkle can spread out and disappear, but it must be done so that the material does not get scorched and damages the sofa. Lessen the look of creases in your sofa by using certain ironing techniques.

Set an iron to warm and turn the steam setting to the off position.

Wipe a clean cloth over the crease in the leather sofa removing any dust or dirt.

Place a clean cloth over the crease. Gently glide the iron back and forth over the wrinkle. After four to five passes with the iron, lift the cloth and examine the crease. If the wrinkle remains, replace the cloth and continue ironing.

Press the iron with a little more pressure as you glide it over the leather. Use caution as you want to remove the crease, but not burn the leather. Continue inspecting and ironing the wrinkle until removed from the leather.

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