How to Remove Shiny Iron Marks From Fabric

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Ironing clothes enhances their appearance, making them look professional and well maintained. Scorch marks, however, instantly ruin a garment's aesthetic appeal. Letting an iron sit on garments for more than a few seconds causes fabric fibres to melt, resulting in shiny, crusty marks. While extremely burnt fabric is impossible to recover, mild scorch marks are sometimes treatable if addressed before they set. Immediately remove shiny iron marks from fabric to restore the clothing's appearance

Drench a cloth with white distilled vinegar. Rub the vinegar-drenched cloth over the scorched fabric to dissolve the crusty stain. Remove as much scorching as possible.

Rinse the scorched fabric with lukewarm water. Completely flush out the distilled vinegar.

Inspect the fabric for shiny residue. If scorching remains, pour 1 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide and two drops of ammonia onto the crusty fabric.

Keep the scorch stain wet from the hydrogen peroxide and ammonia for an hour. Add more hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to the scorched area if the stain becomes dry during the hour.

Rinse the scorched area with lukewarm water. Flush out the hydrogen peroxide and ammonia completely.

Launder the clothing to further wash out the scorch stain. In a washing machine, wash the clothing with hot water and either 1/4 cup chlorine bleach (all white fabric) or oxygen bleach (nonwhite fabric).

Let the clothing fully air dry. If the shiny stain persists, the fabric is scorched beyond repair.

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