How to Clean Newspaper Ink From Leather

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If you place a damp newspaper onto a leather surface, the ink can quickly transfer onto your leather surface. This quick-drying ink needs only a few seconds until it is set into the leather, leaving you with a tough stain that needs to be removed. When removing the ink, keep in mind you want to use nothing that can cause damage to the leather surface, and also use caution as you don't want the leather to become dried out from your cleaner.

Moisten the edge of a paper towel with nonacetone nail polish. Squeeze out excess and blot across the stain, continuing as needed until you remove all the ink.

Rinse a paper towel under water and wipe over the leather to remove any excess nail polish remover.

Dry the leather with a clean paper towel.

Apply a leather conditioner to the leather surface to restore moisture, as the nail polish remover can often dry out the leather. Use a spray-on or rub-on conditioner, applying it in small circular motions and allow to air-dry.

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