How to Get Wrinkles Out of a Faux Leather Jacket Without a Dryer

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A faux leather jacket is warm, durable and attractive but sometimes it can accumulate wrinkles that make the jacket look aged and messy. To get the wrinkles out, you don't always want to waste the time putting the jacket in the dryer. In this instance, you should instead use something that quickly gets rid of the wrinkles without harming the faux leather.

Place the coat on a hanger, and hang in the outside of the shower or in a place close to the shower that will not make contact with water.

Turn on the hot water and let steam flow out of the shower for about five minutes. The steam will naturally release the wrinkles.

Place the jacket on your ironing board if you still have wrinkles.

Place a towel over the faux leather jacket, and run a warm iron over the towel. Using the towel will prevent the iron from directly touching the jacket, which prevents damage to the faux leather.

Iron as needed until all wrinkles are removed.

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