How to Remove Melted Wax From Suede Leather

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Wax candles provide light and an inviting ambience but can create a mess that's hard to clean. If you have got too close to candles and have candle wax stains on your suede leather it can be removed using proper care and supplies. You can find most of the supplies you'll need in your home or at the grocery store.

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Scrape as much wax as possible off of your suede leather using a plastic scraper. Be gentle so you don't damage the suede.

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Cut a brown paper bag so it creates one big, open piece of brown paper. Lay a portion of the bag over the stain.

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Place the iron, heated to a medium setting, over the paper bag and gently move it back and forth over the wax area. The wax will loosen from the suede and adhere to the brown paper bag. Continually move to a clean spot on the brown paper and keep ironing over the stain until the wax is removed.

Sprinkle cornstarch over the stained area and allow it to sit overnight. The cornstarch will soak up any greasy residue left by the wax.

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Brush the cornstarch and the remaining wax residue from the suede using a suede brush.

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