How to Repair Polyester Fabric Snags

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Polyester fabric and polyester blends are known for versatility and durability, but this doesn't exclude the material from catching on sharp objects and creating a snag or pull. Provided the snag hasn't developed into a full-blown hole, you can repair polyester fabric snags with a few simple techniques. Often a snag in polyester can be seen without difficulty, as it leaves an apparent line in the weave of the fabric where the disturbed thread has pulled out of place.

Spread the polyester out over an ironing board with the snag placed in the centre. Smooth the fabric as needed to make the area of the snag as flat and visible as possible.

Look over the snag to note the one or two threads that have been pulled away from the overall weave of the fabric. As the snag was created, sometimes there will also be a gathering of fabric because the weave resisted the thread moving.

Drag your fingernail over any gathered areas working toward the snag in the fabric. Try to work the snag back into the weave of the fabric.

Lift the fabric and rotate it as needed so the snag thread runs horizontally. Pull the fabric in opposite directions on the diagonals, keeping the snag in the centre. Pull the material against itself on the sides, again with the snag centred. Repeat pulling diagonally and horizontally until the snag is eased back into the weave.

Spread the polyester material back out flat on the ironing board. Set your iron to polyester or medium heat with medium to low steam. Iron the polyester and apply steam to lock the threads back into place within the weave.

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