How to get a red wine stain out of a leather sofa

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Red wine is a difficult and stubborn stain to remove from any type of material. When it comes to leather sofas, spilling an acidic beverage like red wine can cause a permanent stain if you fail to act quickly.

Getting a red wine stain out of a sofa is easy if the stain has not set and absorbed into the leather, but it does require time and diligence to effectively remove the stain and protect the sofa.

Blot away any excess liquid using a sponge or cloth. Do not rub the spill into the sofa as that will encourage the porous material of the leather to soak up the stain, making it impossible to remove.

Fill a clean stocking with one to two cups of salt. Knot the stocking at the top so that the salt does not escape. Place the stocking directly on the stain, applying gentle pressure for a couple of minutes. Lift the stocking to see the progress of the stain being lifted and the liquid being expunged from the sofa.

Get a bowl of lukewarm tap water and blot the stain with a clean rag. Blot from the outside of the stain moving inward. Again, do not rub the stain, as that will encourage it to set. If the stain is still visible, repeat Step 2 and 3 until the stain dissipates. Place several clean paper towels on the area, and allow them to sit for several hours to dry. If the stain refuses to be removed, it is an indication that it is set, meaning that you will not be able to remove it without professional assistance.