How to Fix a Cracked Iron-on Transfer

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Iron-on transfers dress up plain T-shirts, backpacks and other fabric items. Decals often peel with age, when applied improperly or if fabric shrinks or is exposed to excessive heat. A cracked decal should be repaired or replaced immediately to prevent further erosion.

If a replacement decal is difficult to find, you can use some craft supplies and common household objects to improve its appearance and increase its longevity.

Lay the fabric item flat and decal-side-up on an ironing board. Replace torn and flaking pieces of the decal to their original spot in the design.

Lay a sheet of waxed paper over the decal.

Set the iron to the maximum heat setting and apply pressure as you iron over the decal.

Remove the waxed paper and check if the decal is intact. If there are visible gaps and holes, fill in the missing areas with fabric crayons or another decal.

Colour in the gaps with fabric crayons that match the colour of the decal. Alternately, you can cut a piece of another iron-on decal that matches the colour and size of the missing piece and lay it over the damaged area.

Place waxed paper over the damaged area of the decal and iron it again on the maximum heat setting.