How to Troubleshoot a Krups Beertender

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The Krups Beertender is a home device that works with a draught keg to maintain a steady temperature and uses carbonator technology to produce fresh beer. The Beertender has a traditional tap, in order to create a head of foam on each glass of beer, and a drip tray to minimise spills and mess. While most users can expect consistent performance from the device, problems may occur from time to time. If this happens, performing some troubleshooting may be beneficial in terms of finding a fix for the issue.

Verify that the Beertender is connected to a working power supply if it is not working at all. The electrical cord should be firmly connected to the unit as well as the electrical socket.

Ensure the unit is switched "On" if the Beertender has power but is not dispensing beer. Replace the draught keg with a new keg if the previous keg is empty.

Wait between 4 and 18 hours once a keg has been installed to allow the unit to cool the liquid to the right temperature if too much foam is created when beer is dispensed.

Turn the power switch to "On" before inserting a keg if the "Volume Level" indicator light is blinking. If the keg was inserted before the power was turned on, open the cover and lift up the keg for a few seconds before replacing. This will reset the scale.

Keep the Beertender in a dry, cool environment away from humidity if ice appears in the cooling chamber.

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