LG Refrigerator Error Codes

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LG refrigerators with digital displays have an easy to read system for alerting owners of possible problems and to give repairmen the ability to quickly diagnose the causes of malfunctions. These LG refrigerator error codes often have fairly common causes that can be easily remedied by the user. However, some error codes will require the assistance of a professional repair service.

Error Code 0 FF

Sometimes an LG refrigerator will display an error code of "0 FF." This is not an error code in the normal sense. This message simply indicates that the unit is in "demo mode." On a front display refrigerator, the problem can usually be resolved by pushing the "refrigerator" and "ice plus" buttons simultaneously for 5 to 10 seconds with the refrigerator door open. Top-mounted refrigerators have the same fix but only the light switch needs to be held and only for about 5 seconds.

Error Code Er IF

All of the codes that indicate malfunctions or similar problems will be shown with an "Er" on the digital display. The LG refrigerator "Er IF" error code is the "Icemaker Fan Error" message. As the name suggests, this error code indicates a problem with the fan that controls the unit's ice production. If this problem occurs because of ice build-up, unplugging the unit for 3 to 4 hours and allowing it to thaw may fix the issue. Customer service should be contacted if the problem persists.

Error Code Er FF

This code is not to be confused with the O FF or demo mode error message. The "Er FF" error code indicates a problem with the unit's freezer fan. The freezer fan controls the temperature in the freezer. The source of this error is most likely ice build-up. As with the Er IF error, allowing the unit to thaw should resolve the issue. Contact customer service if the error code continues to be displayed after having thawed the unit.

Error Code Er FS

The "Er FS," or Freezer Sensor Error, is most likely caused by a short or a cut somewhere in the unit's circuitry. Sometimes unplugging the unit for a few minutes will reset the system and remove the error code. Customer service should be contacted if the problem persists.

Error Code Er rs

A Refrigerator Sensor error, or "Er rs," is another error code that may be caused by a cut or short somewhere. A temporary solution would be to unplug the unit for a few moments while the system is reset. Customer service should be called if the error message persists.

Error Code Er ds

The LG refrigerator will display an "Er ds" error code if it detects a problem with the defrost sensor. Again, this error message probably denotes a cut or short somewhere in the system. Attempting to reset the system by unplugging the unit may fix the problem. If the problem persists, customer service should be contacted.

Error Code Er dH

The "Er dH," also known as the Defrost Heater Error message, is displayed when the unit fails to reach 46ยบ F within 2 hours of beginning its defrost cycle. This may be an indication of the defrost heater having broken or the temperature fuse having been pulled out of its slot. Contact customer service if the problem persists after having attempted a system reset.

Error Code Er CF

The unit will receive signals from the BLDC fan motor in the freezer compartment during normal operation. If more than 65 seconds pass without a signal from the fan motor, an "Er CF" error message will be displayed. The Cooling Motor Error is usually an indication of a faulty fan motor or loose leads. Customer service should be contacted immediately.

Error Code Er CO

The LG refrigerator may display a Communications Error message ("Er CO") in the event of a short or other malfunction associated with communication between the main circuit board and the display. While attempting a system reset is an option, customer service will most likely need to be contacted in order to provide a permanent solution.

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