How to Reset the HP 337 Cartridge

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If your HP 337 printer ink cartridge is dry, refilling it is one cost-saving option. However, once the cartridge is filled, the computer sees the cartridge is empty because a microchip on the HP cartridge is still set to empty. To avoid ink-level messages, reset this microchip to restore the original factory setting to full. This allows printing without a warning message appearing on the screen. It only takes about two minutes to complete this task.

Locate a universal chip-reset tool. This electronic device creates a signal to reset the chip in the cartridge. Chip resetters are available for most HP devices, and some will work with a range of cartridge models. Make sure your device specifically lists the HP 337 cartridge as one of the compatible cartridges. Or choose a universal chip-reset device that restores all types of cartridges to initial full settings.

Place the chip-reset device on a table with contact tabs facing toward you. These tabs make contact with the cartridge chip.

Slide the cartridge into the device by lining up the tabs on the cartridge with the tabs on the device and pressing it forward. The red light blinks to indicate the cartridge has connected with resetter.

Hold the device and cartridge together until the green light starts blinking on the device. Now the cartridge is ready to use.

Replace and use the cartridge by opening the access door and inserting the cartridge into the printer. Open a photo document, select "File" and "Print" to create a test print page. If the ink-level warning still appears, repeat the steps.

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