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Instructions to Refill a Candle Lighter

Updated November 21, 2016

A candle lighter features an elongated design that uses butane fuel to produce a flame. Based on a cigar lighter design, a candle lighter has a sleek design and decorator colours to appeal to wide range of consumers. As the lighter is used, butane fuel is consumed to produce a flame. The candle lighter is refilled with a butane fuel refill bottle.

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  1. Determine that the candle lighter is low or out of fuel. Observe the fuel level in the fuel indicator window before the refill process is started.

  2. Turn the candle lighter upside down so the filling valve on the base of the lighter is easily accessible. Identify the valve as the small brass tube in the base of the lighter.

  3. Hold a butane fuel refill bottle and turn so the fuel nozzle points down.

  4. Insert the fuel nozzle on the butane refill bottle into the filling valve of the lighter.

  5. Push down on the refill bottle to transfer butane fuel into the candle lighter. Hold the nozzle of the bottle against the lighter valve for 10 seconds.

  6. Remove the butane fuel refill bottle from the filling valve and allow the butane fuel to warm for at least 30 seconds before the lighter is used.

  7. Warning

    Refill the candle lighter in a well ventilated area and avoid breathing the butane fuel vapour to prevent potential injury.

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Things You'll Need

  • Candle lighter
  • Butane fuel refill bottle

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