How to Find a Vodafone Cell Number

Vodafone is a mobile-phone company headquarted in the United Kingdom. It was the largest company on the London Stock Market 16 years after its launch in 1984. Although Vodafone has millions of customers all over the globe, one thing it doesn't have is a publicly available cell phone directory.

If you want to obtain a Vodafone customer's cell phone number, you're going to have to engage in a little detective work.

Gather as much information as you know about the person including old addresses, acquaintances, workplaces and relatives.

Perform a search on a search engine for any of the information you uncovered. Don't limit yourself to just the person's name; look for friends and workmates on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn.

Contact the person, the person's friends, relatives or acquaintances through a search engine. For example, if you found the blog of a friend, leave a comment stating your name and your reason for needing to contact the person. Leave your contact information so she can forward the information to the person, asking him to contact you.

Pay for a search through a private cell phone database. These services charge a fee -- usually in the £6 to £32 range -- for uncovering a person's cell phone number. Some sites that offer this service are WhitePages, Cell Phone Registry and Phone Books. These companies do not guarantee that Vodafone customers will be listed in the directory.