Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker Instructions

The Russell Hobbs Company, based in of the UK, manufactures a variety of kitchen and household appliances, including toasters, irons, kettles and coffee makers. Though the coffee makers in the Russell Hobbs' line are manufactured using different styles, they have the same basic coffee maker features, and you can use the same instructions to brew coffee in coffee makers manufactured by Russell Hobbs.

Lift the lid at the top of the Russell Hobbs coffee maker. Remove the water reservoir from the coffee maker by pulling straight up on the handle attached to the reservoir until the entire unit comes out. Fill the water reservoir with water to the level you want, as long as you do not fill above the "Max" line. Return the water reservoir to the coffee maker by lowering it back down into the pot by the handle, so that the valve on the reservoir rests on the pipe in the coffee maker.

Make sure the reusable filter supplied with the coffee maker is in place in the filter basket. Measure coffee into the filter. The Russell Hobbs coffee maker manual recommends 1 tablespoon of coffee for each cup of water.

Insert the carafe onto the hotplate, making sure that the bottom of the carafe sits evenly on the hotplate. No part of the carafe should sit up on the edge of the raised enclosure around the hotplate. This would make the carafe uneven.

Press the button on the coffee maker with the picture of a coffee mug twice. A green light appears on the coffee maker display and the coffee starts brewing.

Remove the carafe from the hotplate at any time during the brewing process if you want to pour a cup during the brewing cycle. Make sure you return the carafe to the hotplate within 30 seconds or the filter basket will overflow.

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