How to Disassemble a Krups GVX2 Coffee Grinder

Coffee bean image by Nikolay Okhitin from

There's nothing like the taste of coffee brewed from freshly ground coffee beans. Undoubtedly the flavour comes out stronger and better. But your coffee may start to taste a little bitter or "off" if your coffee grinder gets dirty. If you ever need to clean your Krups GVX2 coffee grinder, you will have to disassemble it first.

Disconnect your Krups GVX2 from its power supply before starting any work on it.

Pull gently up on the coffee grinder lid covering the bean hopper to remove it.

Set the grind selector to the maximum. Inside the bean hopper is the upper mill, which grinds the coffee beans. Turn the upper mill once, counterclockwise, and remove it.

Remove the ground coffeegrounds holder by sliding it out from the front. Detach the lid of the ground coffee holder by sliding it off.

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