How to Use a Cordon Bleu Coffee Machine

coffee and coffee-beans image by Dmitri MIkitenko from

For many people, a good cup of coffee can be just as enjoyable as a good glass of wine, a fine scotch or their favourite beer. Cordon Bleu is a manufacturer of coffee and espresso makers, and when used properly, they will produce a high quality cup of coffee, espresso or cappuccino.

Place the appropriate amount of ground espresso coffee beans into the handle press. Pat the beans down using a handheld press and attach the handle press to the Cordon Bleu coffee machine.

Place either an espresso cup or a coffee cup directly under the handle press. Press the green start button on front of the coffee maker and it will produce a single serving of espresso. To turn your espresso into a cappuccino, follow the next steps.

Place 1/2 cup of cold milk into the metal measuring container. Position the container so the end of the steamer spout is just under the surface of the milk.

Rotate the dial on the side of the Cordon Bleu coffee maker to start the steam process and carefully move the metal container around so the milk can start to foam. This can take a little bit of practice.

Once the milk has foamed to your satisfaction, turn the steam off, and, using a spoon, hold the foam back while you pour some of the hot milk into your cappuccino.

Spoon out the foam onto the cappuccino and for an added treat sprinkle some shaved chocolate on top of the foam.