Instructions for the Bissell PowerWash

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Bissell offers a wide range of cleaning products a line of deep cleaners. The Bissell PowerWash, an upright deep cleaner, captures dirt deep down in your carpet using a power brush. The PowerWash machine uses an internal heater that boils the washing fluid to create a steam clean effect.

The PowerWash also comes equipped with a tank-in-tank system that separates the clean and dirty water. With the PowerWash's advanced features, it can clean almost anything out of your carpet.

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly before using the PowerWash deep cleaner.

Lift the SmartMix bottle up and out of the PowerWash base. Turn the bottle upside down and unscrew the valve cap. Fill the bottle to the mark with the appropriate cleaning formula. Screw the valve cap back onto the bottle and put the bottle back in place on the cleaner. Turn the "SmartMix" dial on the machine to the appropriate setting.

Press your foot on the handle release and lay the machine handle down all the way. Lift the tank-in-tank handle to unlock the lid. Carry the tank to the sink. Rotate the handle forward to unhook the lid. Fill the tank with hot water up to the fill line. Replace the tank lid. Rotate the handle to the carrying position; the lid is now latched in place.

Set the tank back into the PowerWash base. Turn the handle back down to the latched position. Lift the handle back up so that the machine stands upright. Plug the machine into an electrical socket and allow it to heat up for two minutes. The SmartTemp ready light will illuminate when ready.

Push the PowerWash forward while pressing the trigger to release the water and SmartMix onto the carpet. Then pull it backward in the same line. This will pull the solution and dirt up and out of the carpet. Continue moving the machine forward and backward in the same line until the entire area is clean.