How to decorate with brown leather couches

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Brown leather couches generally work well in a large variety of colour schemes, themes and decorating styles. Brown leather sofas can complement a rustic room, for example, or a sophisticated one.

Play with colours and textures that complement and contrast with the brown leather, either bringing attention to the couches or downplaying their role in the decor, depending on your preference.

Paint the walls with a light, neutral colour that balances the dark sofas. Alternatively, paint the wall behind the larger brown leather sofa with a bright colour that "pops," such as lime green, orange or turquoise. Patterned wallpaper is another option.

Place tables and side chairs around the leather sofas. Iron, glass and tile-topped tables will provide a contrasting texture that still complements the sofas. Light or painted wood will balance the room, while dark wood works in a masculine or formal, sophisticated room, like an old-world library.

Use a thick, high-pile rug in a light colour, such as cream, white or beige; or use a patterned rug that includes touches of dark brown and a bright accent colour with a light neutral colour.

Cover the windows with roller shades or curtains that complement the wall colour and rug. Incorporate the same pattern as in the rug or use curtains the same colour as the walls for a seamless look.

Hang wall decor that pulls the colours, theme and style together. This might include black-and-white family or skyline photos, colourful artwork or framed fabric that matches the rug, curtains or other accessories.

Accessorise the room with functional and decorative items that add colour, texture and character. Show off your book collection on bookshelves, particularly if they are leather-bound. Add decorative pillows and soft throws to the leather sofas. Include reading lamps, candles, flowers and other decorative items on the tables.