How to Dispose of Cardboard

what in a cardboard box? image by Andrey Khritin from

The Department of Environment Protection offers guidelines for disposing of cardboard boxes. They are very easy to recycle at no cost to you. While collection requirements may vary slightly, the overall process is generally the same. Do your part for greener living and properly dispose of your cardboard boxes.

Gather your cardboard boxes into piles.

Remove any paper, plastic or decals that may be on or inside your boxes. Collection may be dependent upon the cardboard being clean and empty.

Flatten your cardboard boxes for pickup. You maybe required to cut your boxes to size and tie them into bundles for easy handling. Flatten by hand, never with your feet. Cut the packing tape that was used to seal the bottom of the cardboard box with a sharp knife or box cutter. Fold the box flat.

Place your cardboard boxes outside for collection by the division that picks up garbage and recycling in your area. Go to Earth911's website and find recycling centres near your address--see Resources. The website lists municipal kerbside programs and drop-off locations.

Place the cardboard boxes next to your bin, but not inside.