How to Dispose of Cassette Tapes

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With the incredible speed of the development of newer technologies, old media tends to get left in the dust after a decade. After upgrading media to the latest technology in your home or when the companies decide to stop producing those "ancient" disks or tapes, the idea of throwing these products into the garbage and straight into a landfill does not work out in an eco-friendly way. Plastics are estimated to take 450 years to degrade within the environment. Recycling is an efficient process to properly dispose of cassette tapes so that the pieces may be used to create other items.

Place the cassette tape on a flat surface to keep it level.

Take the Philips screwdriver and remove the screws from the cassette shell. Separate the shell.

Pull on the magnetic tape to remove it from the cassette shell. The magnetic tape cannot be recycled.

Gather all the plastic shells and screws and place them in an unused box.

Determine the location of the nearest recycling station within the area to dispose of the plastic cassette tapes and screws. If you are not familiar with a location, refer to a search-engine through the Internet to locate one.

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