How to Look for the Value of Elvis Presley Magazines

Taylor Hill/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether you are an old-time Elvis fan or you are interested in reselling memorabilia magazines you have in your attic, various methods of pricing Elvis magazines are available depending on your own location.

Finding the pricing of Elvis magazines is possible by using local and online resources to help compare the value and worth of specific titles.

Gather the Elvis Presley magazines you would like to sell --- whether Elvis is on the cover or has a feature article in the magazines.

Organise the magazines by the magazine company name or title. Organising the magazines by date will also help to keep track of them in chronological order.

Call local antique and memorabilia shops in your local area. Visit flea markets and resale shops to inquire about Elvis Presley item value and magazine prices.

Browse Elvis-specific websites, such as Elvis the Magazine ( or Elvisly Yours ( for magazine pricing guides and information on various Elvis items.

Check online auctions and resale shops such as Amazon ( and eBay ( to browse for specific titles of Elvis magazines and other Elvis-related memorabilia.