How to Replace a Subaru Key Fob

keyless remote image by Ray Kasprzak from

If your Subaru key fob has been lost or damaged, you can have it replaced by any Subaru dealer. A replacement fob for any model and year Subaru costs £78 plus £13 for programming specifically for your car. Most fobs come with a battery, but extra batteries cost about £3.

Write down the Vehicle Identification Number of your Subaru. The VIN is located on a metal plate on the dashboard and on the driver's door frame. The dealer will need this and your registration to sell you a new key fob.

Make an appointment to get a new key fob and take your car to the dealer. You can find a local dealer at Subaru's website: If you've lost your keys completely and can't drive, ask if the dealer can send a technician to your home or have the car towed to the dealer.

Purchase as many key fobs as you need for yourself and your family. The dealer will have them all programmed while you wait. Keep one in a safe place in case you lose your keys or your regular one becomes damaged; a fire safe is a good place.

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