How to recycle house keys

ezza116/iStock/Getty Images

Many items in your household can be recycled and remade into something new. Recycling helps to conserve energy and natural resources, which protect our planet and ensure sustainability for future generations. A common household item you might not think to recycle is your house keys.

Recycling keys after you've changed your locks makes perfect sense, since they are made of metal, which is a commonly recycled material.

Look up the contact information for the recycling centres nearest you. Local councils run recycling centres so ask your local authority for details. Some may also take metal items as part of weekly or fortnightly kerbside recycling collections.

Phone the recycling centre to find one that accepts mixed metal. Most local recycling centres will accept metal items.

Remove all personal items from your keys. This includes reusable metal rings as well as key chains and other plastic or rubber fobs.

Take your keys to the recycling centre, and look for the mixed metals skip. Many separate metal items, because they can be sold to scrap merchants for cash. If you can't find the right skip or container, ask a recycling centre employee to point you in the right direction.