How to Paint Jar Lids

Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Recycle your used, clean glass or plastic jars to keep them out of the landfills, and use them to decorate the home or to store small items. Jars can be used to hold craft supplies, such as buttons, beads and pom poms.

In the bathroom, you could use them to hold cotton balls, cotton swabs and other bathroom accessories. Paint the lids of your jars to match the decor in the room where they will be placed.

Put on your gloves, and spread your newspapers on a flat surface, outside or in a well-ventilated work space.

Spread out your lids on top of your newspapers. If you are painting some plastic lids, such as those from mayonnaise jars, separate them from the metal lids.

Shake the can of latex spray paint, then spray only the metal lids evenly with one layer of paint.

Shake up your can of spray paint designed for plastic, and spray a coat onto your plastic lids.

Let your lids dry completely, then apply a second coat of paint if they need more coverage.

Dull the painted surfaces on your metal lids with a piece of steel wool, if you would like to have an antique look for your metal lids, then dust the lids off with your old T-shirt.