How to clean nickel plated metal

bahadir-yeniceri/iStock/Getty Images

Nickel-plated metal provides an attractive, shiny finish when it is clean and free of tarnish. Nickel-plated metal was a popular choice in the past for decorative trim on furniture, utensils and tableware that would be considered antiques today.

If you have some old nickel-plated metal that needs attention, use a tried and trusted cleaning method for restoring nickel-plated metal to its original glory.

Prepare a solution one part water to one part ammonia in a container large enough to place the nickel-plated items.

Submerge the items in the solution for 30 minutes. Remove the items from the solution and scrub them with fine grade steel wool. Dry them with a clean, soft cloth. Repeat until the nickel-plated finish is clean.

Rub a non-abrasive metal or chrome polish on the nickel-plated finish. Buff it well to restore it to a shiny finish.