How to dispose of microwave ovens


Some microwave models---especially older ones---contain hazardous materials, so you're ordinarily unable to dispose of them with everyday household garbage. With trash build-up and environmental awareness on the rise, consider your options before disposing an old microwave. Contact local businesses and facilities for specific advice about getting rid of an unwanted appliance.

If the microwave still works, contact local donation centres---such as Goodwill---for their used appliance policy and needs.

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Contact the company responsible for your trash pickup. Your service may include appliance removal, or provide you with helpful information.

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Contact a nearby recycling facility. They may accept your microwave or offer solutions to recycling used appliances.

Review the classified ads in your local newspaper for a junk pickup service. Many of these advertisements offer free pickup for your used appliances.

Contact area appliance businesses. Some companies will take and refurbish your microwave for resale, or use it for parts.

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