How to Recycle Used Trophies

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A trophy can be a very exciting thing to receive, and you should feel a lot of pride when you accomplish something that deserves a winning trophy. However, while a trophy might be a treasure one year, it later might become another piece of junk taking up room in your closet or garage. Instead of allowing the trophy to collect dust, you can recycle it, so someone else is able to appreciate being recognised for excellence.

Call local trophy shops in your area. These shops sometimes have recycling programs in place that allow you to bring in your old trophies for recycling.

Contact places that might benefit from donated trophies. Donating your trophies is a great way to recycle them. These places can include non-profit organisations, local schools, little league teams, community centres and libraries.

Send your old trophies to a mail-in recycling program. These programs are offered by companies like Awards and Lamb Awards & Engraving, which both have mail-in recycling programs you can utilise.

Check with your local recycling companies. Some recycling companies will accept items like trophies. You can use online resources to find contact information for recyclers. Websites like allow you to search for "Trophies" recyclers in your area by entering your city and state or postcode.

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