How to Gift Wrap a Bottle

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If you forget to pick up an extra box or gift bag for a bottled gift and don't have any extras at home, you can gift wrap a glass bottle with only wrapping paper. Although it may seem challenging based on the unusual shape of the bottle, treat it like any other present. Choose a wrapping paper which represents the festive occasion, match the bow and ribbon to the paper and add your name tag or card to the gift.

Wipe down your kitchen table or work area and place the wrapping paper, tape, bow, ribbon and scissors on it. Cut off several strips of tape and attach them to the table's edge.

Cut out 36 inches of wrapping paper. Place the bottle into the centre and pull up the sides of the wrapping paper.

Gather the top of the wrapping paper together with a rubber band. Fold back any excess paper and tape it to the inside of the wrapping paper.

Cut off 18 inches of ribbon and wrap it over the rubber band. Tie a small bow when the band is covered.

Remove the seal from the back of your bow. Place the bow below the ribbon and press.

Write out the name tag or prepare your card. Tape it to the gift next to the bow.

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