Removing Stomach Hair With Pumice Stone

pumice-stone image by Anatoly Tiplyashin from

With so many options for hair removal, it can be hard to choose the best route to take. Removal by friction is an inexpensive and often overlooked method. This technique works by rubbing a porous material, such as a pumice stone, against the skin, which eventually pulls the hair away. When done correctly, this technique is pain-free and the results can last longer than shaving. Best of all, a single pumice stone can last more than a year, making it extremely cost-efficient.

Stand in the shower and let the water hit your stomach for at least one full minute to moisturise the skin and loosen the hair follicles. Hot water works best for this.

Lather soap on your entire stomach for lubrication and protection.

Hold the pumice stone against your skin. Rub the skin gently in a circular motion until the hair loosens and pulls out. Depending on how thick the hair is, this can take anywhere from 30 seconds to five minutes.

Repeat the process on the entire stomach until you are satisfied with the results. If the skin begins to feel dry at any point, let water hit it for an additional minute and lather on more soap.

Rinse your skin to remove all soap suds. Any residual soap may cause dryness.

Apply a moisturiser to the skin to prevent it from drying.

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