How to Design a Gray Living Room

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Monochromatic decorating schemes, or ones that incorporate different shades of the same colour, are beautiful, elegant and modern. These gorgeous rooms are especially calming and serene, which makes them perfect for a living room setting. Gray living room design is particularly attractive, and one type of decor that fits in perfectly in a contemporary home. By mixing different values and textures of grey, a living room becomes an amazing space that has maximum visual appeal.

Choose your colours. To begin your grey living room project, select a paint strip with different values, or shades, of a grey colour that you prefer. Take the top three values and use these hues as the colour palette for your grey living room, as this gives you a dark, medium and light shade of grey from the same colour family.

Paint your walls. Using a water-based interior paint, choose the lightest shade you selected from the paint strip and paint your walls. This soft grey serves as the backdrop for the room and serves as the building block of your grey living room design.

Add furniture in a dark grey. Take the darkest shade of grey on your paint strip and add furniture, such as a couch and chairs, to your space in that hue. Choose a couch in a solid or minimally patterned tone-on-tone print for optimal longevity and ease of design for best results.

Choose window treatments in a medium shade of grey. Add draperies or sheers in the medium shade of grey to the windows in your grey living room space. These window treatments are best when hung floor to ceiling for added elegance and maximum visual appeal.

Add a silver-toned large mirror to a wall. Grey and silver are very complimentary together, so incorporate a silver-toned large mirror to a wall area for a feeling of added light, reflectivity and as an accent to your grey living room scheme.

Incorporate a large area rug. To anchor the entire monochromatic living room decor, feature a large area rug under the couch, chairs, end tables and coffee table that brings all the different hues of grey together in a pattern, such as stripes, checks or florals. This element gives the decor a pop of pattern interest and further defines the conversational area of the room.

Add pillows and throws. To bring interest to a monochromatic grey colour scheme, it is important to combine various textures as a way to bring visual appeal into your room. Select a myriad of pillows and throws in textures such as satin, chenille, velvet, organza, damask and grey sequins.

Select silver-toned lamps. Lighting is very important in any space, but especially vital in a monochromatic decor. Add large silver-toned lamps to your couch end tables, smaller accent lamps in grey or silver to your desk area and floor up lights to items such as plants and large accessories displayed on the floor. Position shimmering candles on your coffee table as a final beautiful touch to your grey living room.

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