How to attach suspenders to hold-ups

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Suspender belts are lingerie accessories women use to hold up stockings. Some women lack the confidence to wear these kinds of garments because they are unsure of how to use them. Whether wearing suspenders for a romantic date or for everyday wear, learn to attach your stockings securely so you can wear them without worrying about losing them.

Place the suspender belt around your waist, with the hooks to the front. Secure the belt by hooking the ends together. Then slide the belt around so that the hooks are at your back.

Remove any rings or jewellery that may snag your hose.

Moisturise your hands and feet so any dry skin does not tear the hose.

Take one stocking, insert your thumbs in the inner sides and gather the stocking between your hands until you reach the toe of the stocking. With the material now gathered around the toe, insert your left foot into the stocking. Roll the material up your leg as far as it will go.

Open the clip located on the front left portion of the suspenders. The clip will separate into two parts, a front and back portion.

Slide the left front stocking top in between the two clips.

Re-clip the stocking by sliding the two parts back together with the stocking in between them.

Open the clip on the back left portion of the suspender belt and clip the back of the stocking.

Repeat Steps 4 through 8 for the right stocking.

Adjust the metal clips by moving the adjustment sliders up and down. Straighten your stockings so they look even and feel comfortable.

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