Where to Find Someone's Address for Free

There are several sources available online to find someone's address for free. You can locate someone's address by using their phone number or their name. Most online directories include the name, address, phone number and e-mail, if the person has one.

White Pages

The availability of white pages is only limited by your imagination. The term "white pages" is very popular: White pages are used to list non-business and non-government addresses and telephone numbers. The whitepages.com and whitepages.net search engines will provide you with links to other sites in case you cannot locate an address. When searching the white pages, you can use the first initial and the last name or full first name with middle initial with the last name. The whitepages.com and .net engines also provide a reverse number search. If you have just a telephone number, you can search for someone's address as well. White page listings include dexknows.whitepages.com, whitepages.net, whitepages.com, anywho.com/wp.html, switchboard.com and msn.whitepages.com. These are only a few of the available white page listings available to help you find someone's address for free.

Search Directories

The search protocol when using Address.com is the same as with the white pages; you can find someone's address by using their telephone number. The typical search is to use the last name with the first initial, middle initial or first name with middle initial. If it is a popular name, using the middle initial will help to narrow your search. Address.com will also allow you to search for someone's business address and to locate a Postcode. The other search directories available to help you find someone's address for free include whowhere.com. Locating someone's address includes searching for their e-mail address; search directories that allow you to search for mailing addresses usually include an e-mail address search.


The other service available to find someone's address for free includes the phone information service by dialling 411. With a person's name, you can request the person's address whether it is business or personal. The phone information services also provide a reverse search using a telephone number; this is another way to find the person's address. Your cell phone and land line companies provide information services that allow you to search for someone's address for free.

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