How to Find a Person in the Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages provides a useful resource for finding people you may have lost contact with. There are two ways to search the Yellow Pages--via the hard copy book distributed to you annually (they are also available in public locations such as telephone booths and libraries) or online, at

The hard copy works best in searching for people locally, as there are separate books that encompass groups of counties and cities within each state. Online searches may be more useful if you are attempting to search for someone who does not live in the same state as you.

Flip to the white pages section of the Yellow Pages book. These are all the listings for residents.

Flip to the letter that corresponds with the first letter of the last name for the person you are searching for. There are tab markings--usually black--imprinted on the right side of the pages that correspond with each letter of the alphabet to help you arrive at the section you need easily.

Peruse the listings until you arrive at the one you believe is for the person you are trying to find. Entries are organised alphabetically. If you know either the person's physical mailing address or phone number, either piece of information will help you confirm that you have found the correct person.

Type into your Internet browser toolbar. When the website pulls up, click on the "Find a Person" tab. Type the person's first and last name as well as that person's zip code into the provided boxes. Pull down the toolbar to select the state in which that person lives

Leave any fields blank if you don't have the information available. However, for the most accurate results, fill in as many of the fields as possible. Especially in instances where first and last names are common, there may be multiple listings to sift through. Click the "Find" button.

Peruse the list of provided search results and click on the entry for the person you are searching for.