How to decorate a black, red and grey living room

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Of the many colour schemes that are considered trendy in contemporary decor, the combination of black, red and grey is one of the most popular. Not only is this colour scheme used in cafes, hotels, bedrooms and kitchens, it is also commonly used for living rooms. A living room with this colour scheme is not only attractive, but also relatively easy to put together as long as one follows a few guidelines.

Choose a bright or medium hue of red, as opposed to a deep, dark red. Since black and grey are monotone colours that can make a room feel heavy and closed in, using a brighter red will add more visual interest. For example, cherry red will work better in this colour scheme than burgundy red.

Purchase black and grey furniture, as opposed to red furniture. Since too much red, especially in a bright hue, can be overstimulating and "loud" to the eyes, it is best to pick furniture that is black or grey. For example, you can opt for grey microfibre sofas and black lacquered tables. If you find a piece of red furniture that you really want to use, limit yourself to just one small piece, such as a bookshelf, accent chair or side table.

Buy accessories that feature your chosen hue of red. These accent pieces may have black and grey in them, but the primary colour should be red. For example, you can decorate your living room with a red vase, red picture frame with white accents, and a red throw that has black stripes.

Ensure that any wall art you hang features colours aside from black, grey and red. If you only choose pieces with these three colours, the art will loose its visual appeal and fade into the background of the room. Choose art that has small, but noticeable amounts of red, black or grey. For example, a painting hanging in a room with this colour scheme that has blues, yellows, browns, greens and a touch of red would stand out, yet still tie into the room.

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