How to Make a Fairy House With a Gourd

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Fairy houses make unique additions to any garden, patio or sun room. They represent a whimsical fantasy world ruled by beautiful fairies. Fairy houses can be made by using any shape or size of gourd. Create these natural houses so that the gourd's shape guides what the overall look of the fairy house will be. Gourd projects are easily accomplished by both adults and children. However, children should have adult supervision during the cutting process.

Fill a sink with water until it is about half way full. Place ΒΌ cup of bleach into the water. Soak the gourd for five minutes on one side and then flip it over and soak it for another five minutes.

Drain the water and place two drops of dish soap onto the plastic scrubber. Scrub the gourd so that any remaining mould, dirt or dried skin is removed. Rinse the gourd thoroughly and dry it off with paper towels.

Place the gourd on a baking tray and bake at 123 degrees Cor 10 minutes to completely dry it. Allow the gourd to cool before using it.

Draw a circular shaped door on one side of the gourd. Place windows on the sides and above the doors, if desired.

Place your mask over your mouth and nose, then cut the door away with the mini jigsaw or Dremel drill. Remove the door section of the gourd and scrape out the seeds and any other residue from the gourd with a spoon.

Cut the windows from the gourd, leaving a cross section so that it appears that the gourd has a window support.

Paint the entire gourd with white acrylic paint and allow it to dry. This will provide a good foundation for your painting.

Draw flowers around the base of the gourd and vines crawling up the gourd's side. If desired, mix a pinch of glitter with your acrylic paint on your palette before you begin painting. This will allow the paint to have a glittery sheen as it dries. Paint the base of your gourd golden brown. Be careful to paint around your vines and flowers.

Paint the flowers. Work with the darkest paint colours first and add lighter colours for a three dimensional appearance. Allow the gourd to dry before displaying it. Good colour choices might echo the room or garden where you are going to display your gourd. If you plan to display your gourd in a flower garden with red flowers, paint the flowers on the gourd red. Or, if you plan to display the gourd in a yellow room, paint the gourd flowers red, orange or purple.

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