How to Make a House-Shaped Cake

There are lots of occasions when you might want to make a cake shaped like a house, such as when you are throwing a housewarming party for a friend or family member. Making a cake shaped like a house is a simple process and just requires a few tools and a bit of preparation.

When you are trying to make a cake that looks like a particular person's home, use frosting and candies that coordinate with the colours of her home. Even beginning bakers successfully can execute a house-shaped cake.

Place one of your square cakes onto the cake platter.

Cut your other square cake into a triangular shape and place it on the cake platter above the first square cake to serve as the house's roof.

Frost the house shape with white icing. Choose another colour of frosting if you are making the cake to look like someone's home who you know.

Cut a piece of the cake scraps into a small rectangular piece. Cut the bottom of the piece diagonally and place it flush against the side of the house's roof to create a chimney.

Frost the chimney with red icing so that it looks like it's made of brick.

Cover the house's roof with frosted brown cereal squares so that it looks like it is covered in shingles.

Cut liquorice ropes to the appropriate lengths to make two windows on the front of the cake and a door.

Fill a pastry bag with black frosting and create details on the cake, like a door knob and window panes.