How to Attach Dreadlock Falls

Dreadlock falls, also known as dread falls, allow you to create the look of dreadlocks without the commitment of having extensions installed or actually locking your natural hair.

This is especially convenient for people who enjoy variety in their hairstyles or do not want to wear dreads to work, yet want to enjoy them on the weekends or for special occasions. Buy dread falls at some hair supply shops and punk-themed clothing and beauty stores. Attaching them is easy and takes just 10 minutes.

Part your hair down the middle and create two pigtails, one on top of each side of your head. Make them even and centred properly so that your dread falls will hang the same way on both sides of your head.

Secure your pigtails into buns using hair clips. The buns can be fluffy to add height to the dreadlock falls, or they can be created so that they are tight to the head, creating a less-voluminous look.

Position the elastic on the end of the dread falls over one bun on the top of your head. The hair of the dread fall should be at the top of the bun so that it will hang over your bun and conceal it once secured. Loop the elastic around your bun a few times to make sure that it is tight. Flip the dreadlocks over the bun, securing them with hair clips as necessary. Repeat this process on the other bun.