How to Keep Slingbacks on

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Slingback shoes come in many different styles. Some have pointy-toes, high-heels and are constructed of leather, making them perfect for the office or a night on the town. There are also slingbacks well-suited for casual summer days with canvas material, open toes and low heels. A common problem with all styles of slingbacks is the tendency for the back straps to constantly slip down from around the wearer's heels, turning a once-fun pair of shoes into irritating and even dangerous ones to walk in. Before swearing off slingbacks forever, first try correcting this problem with a few easy steps.

Place shoe inserts inside the slingbacks where the balls of your feet are positioned when wearing the shoes. Choose inserts made specifically for preventing feet from sliding down toward the fronts of shoes.

Cut a piece of double-sided fashion tape long enough to cover the inside section of the back strap where it comes into contact with your heel. Stick the tape onto the inside of the strap. Cut off any excess tape with scissors. Repeat this procedure for the other shoe.

Use a product made specifically for slipping slingbacks such as Strappy Strips by Foot Petals. Choose this method if you prefer to solve the slipping issue without adhering shoe straps directly to your skin. Purchase Strappy Strips in your desired colour from the website Remove a Strappy Strip and press the adhesive-coated side against the inside section of the back strap where it comes into contact with your heel. Repeat this procedure for the other shoe. Rely on the cushioned surface of the Strappy Strips to provide a firm grip around your heels.

Consult a shoe repair shop if you desire a permanent solution to slipping straps. Ask a shoe repair person to shorten the back straps on your slingbacks or to insert more holes into the straps if they have buckles.

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