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Known for its versatility, the wrap dress aims to enhance a woman’s bust while minimising the hips. Wrap dresses are available in a wide variety of styles, colours and prints. To complete the look, match a wrap dress with an appropriate pair of shoes. Due to the versatility of the dress, the shoe choices are also extremely versatile. When selecting a shoe to pair with a wrap dress, consider the formality of the situation and the environment.


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When wearing a wrap dress in a formal environment, such as work or a business meeting, opt for a classic pump. You can find pumps with pointed or rounded toes in a wide variety of materials, including leather, patent leather and microfiber. For a formal setting, the heel should be about 2 to 3 or three inches. Select a black or nude pump for a more reserved look, and add a vibrant-coloured pump for a punch of style.

If the environment is less structured, consider an open-toed style. These shoes typically feature a higher heel (3 to 4 inches) and a peep toe. Peep toe heels portray a more stylish and flirty look. When paired with a wrap dress, they are a great option for a party or date. Peep toe heels are available in a variety of colours and patterns; stick with a basic black for a more subdued look, and opt for a bright colour or pattern for extra style.

Although most wrap dresses tend to be somewhat casual, some wrap dresses are extravagant and elegant. If you'll wear the wrap dress to a formal affair, such as a charity ball or fancy party, wear it with a pair of strappy evening shoes. Evening sandals typically feature a high heel (typically 3 to 4 inches) and an open style. Opt for a shoe embellished with rhinestones or ribbons to make a significant fashion statement.


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When wearing the wrap dress for a more casual event, allow your footwear choice to remain casual as well. Strappy sandals are a popular choice for the summer; they add a pop of colour to any style, yet provide significant comfort. When pairing a strappy sandal with a basic wrap dress, opt for a flat sandal in a bright or metallic colour. However, if the wrap dress features a bright colour or bold pattern, choose a flat sandal in a basic black, gold or silver.

For a casual shoe option with a little height, consider pairing your wrap dress with a wedge sandal. These shoes feature a wedge heel, which runs under the entire foot. Wedge heels are available in a variety of heel sizes, although higher heels tend to look more appropriate with a wrap dress. For a more basic look, select a leather wedge heel in a basic colour. For a more interesting look, select a wedge in a bright colour or pattern.

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When wearing a wrap dress during the fall or winter seasons, pair it with tall boots and tights. Leather knee-high boots provide both a polished look and a comfortable fit. You can find boots in a variety of heel sizes, from completely flat to extremely high. When wearing boots with a wrap dress, integrate a pair of thick tights or leggings into the look.

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