How to make liquid shoe stretch

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You can make liquid shoe stretch solution at home using items you may already have in your medicine cabinet. Leather shoes respond well to stretching with a liquid shoe stretch solution. Plastic or wooden shoe stretchers can also be inserted into shoes that have been treated with the solution to help stretch the material of the shoe.

Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the inside of the shoe in an inconspicuous area. Allow the alcohol to fully dry and check the surface of the shoe to make sure that the alcohol has not damaged the shoe.

Mix equal parts water and alcohol in a bowl. Diluting the alcohol with water makes the solution gentle for shoes.

Pour the shoe stretch solution into a spray bottle or keep it in the bowl.

Spray the shoe stretch solution on the inside surface of the shoes where they need to be stretched. If a spray bottle is unavailable, apply the solution using a cotton ball. The solution can be used on specific areas, such as around the heel, or it can be applied all over the interior surface for an all over stretch.

Place your foot into the shoe. Wearing the shoe after applying the solution forces the material of the shoe to stretch. Wear the shoes until the solution has dried.

Repeat the process if additional stretching is necessary.

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