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Material Properties of Leather

Leather has many positive material properties that make it very versatile. Its durable nature and soft feel have made it a popular choice for many of the items that we use every day.

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Leather is constructed from the skin of animals, such as cows and pigs. Its qualities are derived from the structure of the animal's skin, which is made up of long, interlaced fibres. These help to give leather its strength and ability to be stretched and given shape without damaging the surface.


Leather is inherently flexible, extremely durable, does not tear easily, is lightweight and can resist being punctured. Another useful characteristic of leather is its ability to hold in warmth and be resistant to wind and water.


Its strength and shaping qualities make it perfect for the manufacture of many products, including sporting goods, coats and shoes. The process of tanning, or preserving the leather, helps make it resistant to moulding and decay, even when full of moisture.

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