How to make peep toes comfortable

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With retro styles and old school glamour still firmly on the fashion agenda, peep toe shoes are endlessly popular. These can be showy stilettos or cute pumps, with an open toe that reveals a hint of glossy pedicure. A fashion dream, peep toes often have glamorous but uncomfortable heels.

Added to this, many of us buy the cheap high street versions of seasonal styles. Yet excessively cheap, poorly made heels aren’t known for their comfort or promotion of foot health. Wearing beautiful peep toes should be as fun as it looks and not a catalogue of agony.

Cheap shoes

Run your finger around the toe opening of your shoe. Are there any jagged lumps or rough areas that might rub? Smooth these down firlmly with a finger until they soften. Trim any bits of hard glue or unravelled stitching so that the whole peep toe is smooth and comfortable.

Do the same with the inside of the heel. Sculptural couture-style peep toes often have a hard, uncomfortable heel area as well.

Place gel cushions in the shoes under the ball of the foot. Developed especially to ease the pressure that heels put on the balls of the feet, these should also stop feet sliding into the peep hole and rubbing around the toes.

The fashionista tip

Cut a length of surgical tape, sufficient to wrap around your third and fourth toes a few times.

Wrap this around toes, being careful not to truss them up too tightly and compromise circulation. Make it just firm enough to keep them together should be fine. Wrap the tape at the base of the toes so that it does not show when the shoes are on.

Smooth and secure the tape before slipping on peep toes. Many fashion fans swear by this technique and the aim is to avoid pressure on the nerve in between the third and fourth toes.