How to Decorate a Burgundy Bedroom

The easiest way to think about decorating a burgundy bedroom is to imagine putting together an outfit. The key to interior design is proportion and colour. Imagine you are wearing a burgundy dress or suit. This is the most prominent colour in your design scheme and is most likely translated in the colour or your bedroom walls. The second element, your jacket, will be a less prominent colour but will need to complement the burgundy. This secondary colour would find itself in your furnishings. The third element, your accessories, will be the accent colours that are meant to add a visual contrast to the burgundy. This colour would most likely find its way into your artwork and decoration. Using proportion as a colour guide allows you to avoid garish interior design.

Select furniture that fits the proportions of the bedroom. Large king-size beds and oversized dressers are more appropriate for spacious rooms; smaller rooms are best filled with queen-sized beds and modestly sized furnishings.

Pick a complementary bedding and wood colour, such as brown, to furnish the burgundy bedroom.

Avoid attempting to have every piece of furniture and fabric in an identical shade. Variations of solid colours within the same colour family, such as collection of chocolate, caramel and toffee colours, will be much more pleasing to the eye than the same shade of brown in every piece.

Avoid using high-contrast printed upholstery or fabrics at this stage of the design. The larger furniture staples of the room are best in solid colours or very subtle prints.

Work neutral colours into the room to provide a pleasing colour contrast to your burgundy walls and your complementary colours of brown. Cream-coloured carpets and throw pillows would work nicely.

Choose two high-contrast accent colours, such as turquoise and gold, to sprinkle around the room in the form of flowers, candles, lamps and decorative trim.

Select art, throw rugs, throw pillows and window treatments that provide any combination of burgundy, brown, cream and a sprinkling of your accent colours. This is the appropriate place to incorporate prints.

Use only one frame colour, such as gold, in all of your hanging artwork.

Hire a professional to mount your artwork with cream-coloured matting to give your room a professional design.

Install accent lighting to spotlight artwork, seating areas and working spaces within the room.

Coordinate the little details such as moulding, elegant light switches and decorative doorknobs as a final touch to your room design.

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