How to Make a Grizabella Costume

Grizabella, or the "Glamour Cat," is an important character in the Broadway musical show called, "Cats." Whether performing Cats for a school play or dressing up for a costume party, Grizabella is an appealing costume.

Find an old, scruffy fur coat. This can be either brown or gray real or faux fur.

Wear a short black dress and gray tights. Try painting black markings on the tights to make them look like cat fur.

Put on a pair of nice shoes. Although Grizabella usually sports high heels, any decent shoe will work fine.

Try wearing brown evening gloves. Attach long red nails to the end for claws.

Style the hair. In the production of Cats, Grizabella usually sports curly gray hair. If one does not have this type of hair naturally, one could buy a wig online or at a local costume shop.

Apply the ears. A cat-ear headband will work for Grizabella's ears. To make the cat ears match the wig better, try applying gray faux fur to them.

Finish the Grizabella costume by applying the makeup. Apply a light gray foundation on the face, and then smudge some mascara under the eyes. To make the lips look cracked and bloody, apply bright red lipstick with darker red patches. Smearing the lipstick will give a better effect. Now add some black and white cat markings. Make a cat's nose on the face to complete the Grizabella makeup.

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