How to clean an hjc helmet liner

Providing excellent protection at reasonable prices, HJC has become one of the most popular names in the motorcycle helmet industry. But after many miles on the open road, even the best of helmets can suffer from the odour created by humidity and the accumulation of sweat and grime. HJC has designed their helmets to accept an occasional bath to bring a breath of fresh air back into your riding experience.

Gently remove the cheek pads and liner from the helmet.

Slip the cheek pads and liner into a pillowcase and place in your washing machine. Select the gentle setting and add a small amount of detergent. Although it isn't necessary, placing the motorcycle helmet liner into the pillow case can prevent damaging the liner.

Remove the pads and liner when the washing is complete and allow to dry naturally.

Reinstall the liner and cheek pads.

Disassemble the helmet by removing the face shield and any other accessories, such as intercom headsets or chin curtains. If possible, remove the cheek pads as well.

Soak a wash cloth in a solution of mild shampoo and water. Clean the helmet interior liner by applying gentle pressure to saturate the liner.

Allow the helmet to dry naturally, keeping it away from direct sunlight and excessive heat, which can cause fading and development of foul odours.

Reinstall the face shield, cheek pads and any accessories.

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