How to wear rubber pants to bed

Rubber trousers are mainly used for children and adults to help protect against incontinence. If you tend to wet the bed at night and have tried adult diapers and still have trouble staying dry, you might want to try going to bed with the additional protection of rubber trousers.

Although commonly known as rubber trousers, they are often made out of plastic or vinyl. Going to bed in rubber trousers may sound uncomfortable at first, but with the right pair, you will hardly know they are on and they will provide ultimate protection while sleeping. Rubber trousers come in a variety of colours and help conceal diapers.

Companies that manufacture rubber trousers will typically produce several different types. Research and choose a respected company to purchase your rubber trousers from. Contact the company to find out which type of trousers are best suited for bedtime. Most rubber trousers are reusable; however, disposable rubber trousers are also available. Disposable rubber trousers are less durable and may not be as leak resistant.

If you use a wheelchair or are handicapped, snap-up rubber trousers are easier to pull on. Otherwise, use rubber trousers that pull up. Buy rubber trousers that have a secure elastic waistband and leg bands.

Rubber trousers come in different thicknesses. Find the thickness that will be comfortable to you while sleeping. Choose thicker trousers for greater durability.

For extra protection, use both diapers and rubber trousers. Purchase rubber trousers that have enough room to pull over the bulk of the diaper. Some rubber trousers also come with moisture-absorbing pads built into the crotch. Wash the absorbing pads regularly.

Line your bed with vinyl sheets for even extra protection; however, if you sweat at night, it may be uncomfortable when your skin starts sticking to the vinyl.

Put on the rubber trousers either by standing up and pulling the waistband out and over your diaper, or by sitting and pulling the trousers under your buttocks and around the diaper while rocking your hips back and forth. Make sure the waistband is cinched above, not on, the diaper. Wear regular cloth pajama bottoms or a nightgown over the rubber trousers.

Remove the trousers after incontinence while sitting down. Loosen the waistband, rock your hips back and forth and carefully lower the trousers.

Wash rubber trousers in the normal wash. Have at least two pairs of rubber trousers for sleeping so that when one is in the laundry, you have another pair to wear.